We are The Product Parlour. A family run business created from a passion to share professional hair care, styling and beauty products.

We endeavour to provide experience & knowledge in the products we supply from our 35 years of experience within the professional hairdressing industry. 

As current salon owners, we have been lucky enough to work with the vast majority of the products on our platform during photoshoots, hair shows and within our salons. We therefore have confidence in all our recommendations to you!


Here at The Product Parlour we believe in strengthening our commitment to the environment, firstly by providing clean, vegan & organic hair care and beauty products through our site and secondly, by ensuring our packaging is environmentally friendly & biodegradable. 

Our packaging has been carefully picked from local companies who share our passion for a greener planet.

To help us in our quest for a cleaner planet and as a Thank You to all our customers, each package sent out to you is completed with a small yet mighty gift. You will find a small 'pinch of love' to give back to the environment in the form of our seed paper notelets for you to plant.

Saving bees & making our environment greener!


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